The Albatross Song

by E.G. Phillips

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Partly inspired by "The Thing With Feathers" by Noah Strycker, rather than avoid the obvious connection with "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" that's bound to crop up in any work related to Albatrosses, this song decides to embrace it with gusto -- resulting in something that is also probably also overly long.


The bowerbird is quite creative when it comes to decoration
Starlings follow simple rules that dictate their murmurations
But wanton salt marsh sparrows and curious little chickadees
I know there’s only one companion for me — for…

When you’re with an albatross
Don’t you know you can’t get lost
‘Cause you’re never truly lost
When you are at home at

Does your restless spirit wander yet get hopelessly attached?
You’re barely bound to this world, yet you dread it’s bound to collapse?
If Noah sent you from his ark to fetch some branches from a tree
Might you not return? Just drift perpetually? Well…


High above the antarctic circle on a wing and a prayer
Down below it’s all icy flows but don’t you ever despair
No… No… Because…


When in the straits of Magellan or rounding the Cape of Good Hope
Death and disillusionment will gamble on a ghost ship for your soul
No… No… Oh…


Who would tie their savior to a chain around their neck?
What good are relentless reminders of your failings and regrets?
Don’t pile your sins on livestock that you banish despite their pleas
That’s just not right and that’s no way to be free



released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


E.G. Phillips San Francisco, California

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